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Picture this: a breach in the time-space continuum. A rupture of the fabric of the universe that we've all grown so near and dear to. A wormhole, a glitch, an expanse of black space that never should have existed, but somehow, someway it's there. In the middle of this expanse of nothingness stands a lone building. It is a coffeehouse, perhaps, and it's called Konoha Café, and it is to become the interdimensional stomping ground for all Naruto characters from every universe in existence.

You may be thinking many things at this moment, such as genius!, interesting! or cake! Read on, my friend. Read on.

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___how it works

Only characters from active Naruto roleplaying games are eligible to apply. Each character must have an existing character journal and a human player. (That's you.) Once accepted, that character will be granted access to the community and will have a chance to talk to/play shougi with/ask advice of/make out with other characters from various Naruto roleplaying games via first person posts to the community. For example, _tenten from narutorp can shoot the shit with hyuuga_n from hs_no_jutsu. Threads can be locked to all Nejis, or all Shizunes, or scarily, all Orochimarus. Many Sakuras can bond over the stupidity of their respective Sasukes. Narutos can destroy a ramen shop together.

And the beat goes on.

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___the rules

[x] To apply, your character must already be a part of an existing and active Naruto roleplaying game (or a multidimensional RP that includes Naruto characters). You may interpret active as you like.
[x] You may apply as four [4] already existing characters. The stipulation is that more than two cannot be the same character from different games. The maximum number of one character you can play from different games is two. So if you played Temari on four different games, you could only apply with two of the Temari journals. All four characters you play at konoha_cafe, however, may be from the same game.
[x] All entries should be made in first person to the community.
[x] Obviously, anything that goes on at the café has nothing at all to do with the timeline of your respective games. Consider it an OOC hangout for your IC characters. Characters can not hold anything other characters say or do against them in their main timeline.
[x] Canon characters only.
[x] Konoha Café is more a forum and less an actual game, so do try not to take yourselves so seriously.
[x] Any comments and questions should be directed toward our huggable, loveable mods at konoha.cafe@gmail.com or you can drop a comment here.

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___the application stuff

We're going to be super lenient with applications because if you're applying, you've obviously already been accepted to a game. The application process is merely a way to keep track of all the characters in the game and to provide insight into your character's background.

Apply here. Once accepted, join the community. Anyone who joins the community before applying will be laughed at. And then rejected.


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___the coffee house junkies


Aburame Shibi // aburame_shibi
Hyuuga Hinata // whiteeyedgirl
Tayuya // tayuya_of_sound
Tenten // songofsteel
Umino Iruka // umuino_iruka
Yamanaka Ino // konohahellcat


Aburame Shino // pimpin_shino
Deidara ∏ // unyeah
Hatake Kakashi // lolita_chaser
Hoshigaki Kisame // str8edge_shark
Hyuuga Hanabi // sherwood_robin
Hyuuga Neji // hyuuga_n
Inuzuka Kiba // forthedogs
Kaguya Kimimaro // wut_wuld_oro_do
Kidoumaru // spidersoul
Nara Shikamaru // criticalfumble
Nara Shikato // kanpai_4_luv
Orochimaru // markedbycunning
Sakon/Ukon // pretty_pride
Sasori // puppet_pyro
Tenten // absolut_tenten
Uchiha Itachi // stonerweasel
Uchiha Mikoto // ddr_mama
Uchiha Sasuke // genius_on_top
Udon // overlordudon
Uzumaki Naruto // ramen2u
Yamanaka Ino // devious_diva
Zetsu // venusflytrapboy


Jiroubou // jiroubou_debu


Zetsu // flytraphead
Ukki // pimp_in_green


Haku // lost_boy_haku


Akimichi Chouko // bbqbutterfly
Gaara // sand_hurricane
Haruno Sakurai // boy_pink
Hatake Kakami // hatake_kakami
Hyuuga Nejiko // nejikoi
Inuzuka Kiba // inuzuka_k
Jiraiya // dr_jiraiya
Orochimayu // snakeshaped
Rin // medical_ninja
Rock Leigh // rock_leigh
Tentsuke // tentsuke
Uchiha Sachiko // uchiha_sachiko
Uzumaki Naruko // uzumaki_naruko


Abumi Zaku // soundsystem_
Haruno Sakura // lovely_kunoichi
Kotetsu and Izumo // kotetzumo
Rock Lee // fistofthelotus
Uchiha Sasuke // sasugay
Umino Iruka // iruka_sanchez
Yamanaka Ino // daddys_cosmos


Deidara // _artist_yeah
Haruno Sakura // taikouhana
Hyuuga Hinata // byakugan_babe
Mitarashi Anko // hebionna
Nara Shikamaru // lazy_shadows
Sasori // scorpian_vanity
Tenten // sugarbunbuns
Temari // temichan


Deidara // oni_deidara
Gaara // suna_gaara
Kaguya Kimimaro // kaguyakimimaro
Kidoumaru // _kidoumaru_
Konohamaru // konohamaru_kun
Maito Gai // gaisensei
Namiashi Raidou // tokubetsuraidou
Tayuya // foulmouthed
Tenten // _tenten
Uchiha Sasuke // uchiha_sasuke


Uchiha Sasuke // saucekeh


Maito Gai // leafsgreenbeast


Haruno Sakura // sweet_oleander
Hatake Kakashi // the_copy_nin
Hyuuga Neji // fated_bird
Jiraiya // pervert_sannin
Nara Shikamaru // mendokuse_na
Rin // shirakono_rin
Temari // fan_service
Tenten // weapon_love
Tsunade // _godaime
Uzumaki Naruto // ramen_luvr
Yamanaka Ino // bl0ndbombshell


Haruno Sakura // sakura_shannaro
Rock Lee // lee_and_risu
Temari // queen_uchiha
Tenten // bukinotetsu


Hatake Kakashi // scarlet_kakashi
Mitarashi Anko // scarlet_anko
Sarutobi Asuma // scarlet_asuma
Yuuhi Kurenai // scarlet_kurenai


Hyuuga Neji // the_caged_bird
Kankuro // black_intuition

shades of war

Sarutobi // shadey_sarutobi


Inuzuka Tsume // mama_tsume


Hyuuga Hinata // white_eyed_girl
Sasori // sasori_akasuna
Uchiha Sasuke // sir_angstalot


Hatake Kakashi // hedonist_nin
Haruno Sakura // sakura_blizzard
Hyuuga Hinata // hyuugahealer
Hyuuga Neji // byakuganneji
Inuzuka Kiba // paws_n_claws
Kankuro // teh_kankuro
Nara Shikamaru // _mendokuse_na
Rock Lee // sparkling_youth
Temari // daikamaitachi
Uchiha Itachi // sexyweasel
Uchiha Obito // unknown_past
Uchiha Sasuke // fan_ninja

up in the air

Hyuuga Hinata // hinata_neechan
Orochimaru // deviantsnake
Uchiha Sasuke // curses_toyoutoo

For more information on characters, please see this post.

___other communities:

cafe_ooc - The cafe's OOC community.


In the spirit of subreality.